Arlen Name Meaning, Origin, and Beyond

A name with a crisp and clear sound, Arlen stands out with a kind of retro charm while still sounding contemporary enough for modern times.

Arlen Name Meaning and Origin (History)

The origins of the name Arlen are somewhat ambiguous. It might be an alteration of the Irish surname ‘Harlan’, which is derived from a place name meaning ‘rocky land’. On the other hand, it is occasionally considered a variant of ‘Arland’, meaning ‘pledge’ or ‘oath’ in Old English. It may also have roots in the Gaelic word ‘airlann’, which means ‘pledge’ or ‘promise’.

How Popular is the Name Arlen?

Arlen has never been overly common, and as such, it retains a sense of freshness. It saw some popularity in the mid-20th century in English-speaking countries but is relatively rare.

Spiritual Meaning Of Arlen

If derived from the Gaelic word for ‘pledge’, Arlen might carry a spiritual notion of commitment or a pact perhaps reflecting one’s commitment to life, purpose, or community.

Arlen Name Meaning in Different Cultures

While not widely used in different cultures, Arlen’s potential meanings of ‘rocky land’ or ‘pledge’ can resonate across languages, symbolizing strength and reliability.

Famous People Named Arlen

Arlen Specter, the late U.S. Senator, and Arlen Escarpeta, a Belizean-American actor, are among the notable people bearing this name.

Arlen Name Meaning in Different Languages (Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Hebrew)

Arlen tends to keep its structure in different languages because of its phonetic simplicity:

In Latin: Arlen would likely remain unchanged as it is a proper noun.

In Greek: The name might be phonetically spelt as ‘Άρλεν’.

In Spanish: Arlen would also likely remain unchanged due to similar pronunciation.

In Hebrew: The name could be transliterated as ‘ארלן’.

Variations of the Name Arlen

The name Arlen itself is a variation and hence does not have many common alternate forms. However, similar sounding names might include:

  • Harlan
  • Arlin
  • Marlon

What Does The Name Arlen Symbolize?

Arlen can symbolize solidity, the earthiness of ‘rocky land’, as well as a deep sense of honor and commitment drawn from the meaning ‘pledge’.

Common Nicknames for Arlen

  • Arly
  • Len
  • Al

Religious Meaning of the Name Arlen

There is no particular religious connotation affiliated with the name Arlen, making it versatile for individuals of any background.

Similar Names to Arlen

  • Arlen
  • Harlen
  • Carlin

Other Names Having the Same Meaning as Arlen

Names that share a meaning associated with strength and reliability might include:

  • Peter, meaning ‘rock’ and thus associated with solidity.
  • Edmund, meaning ‘protection’ or ‘guardian’.

People Who Like Arlen Also Like These Names

Thrill-seekers for names like Arlen that carry a similar mix of uniqueness and grounding might also be drawn to:

  • Larkin
  • Garrett
  • Alden