TikTok Celebrity Nara Smith Reveals the Quirky Baby Names She Almost Chose for Daughter

TikTok sensation Nara Smith, together with her husband Lucky Blue Smith, recently embraced parenthood once again with the arrival of their daughter, Whimsy Lou. The couple, who are already parents to Honey Rumble, aged three, and two-year-old Slim Easy, chose yet another distinctive name for their newborn.

Nara, the 22-year-old South African model, took to TikTok to share a video featuring her latest bundle of joy, during which she disclosed several unique baby names that didn’t make the final cut. “Who else has a list of names on their phone?” Nara posed to her followers, going on to say, “These are some baby names I loved but didn’t use this time around.”

Acknowledging that her children’s names are quite unconventional, she offered some potential ideas for others in search of an extraordinary nam. Among the names that nearly won were ‘Tink,’ with ‘Bow’ as a favored middle name. Nara also expressed a fondness for fruit-themed names like Lemon, Plum, and Clementine, as well as other distinctive choices like Pippen or ‘Pip’ for short, Dottie or ‘Dot’ for short, and Ivy, which she liked because it was almost her own name.

Boy names proved more challenging for Nara, but she came up with Halo, Dusk, Dew, Mercer, and Flick as possibilities.

Accompanying the name reveal, Nara posted a sweet picture of baby Whimsy sleeping with her hands over her face. Another tender moment was captured and shared by Nara on her Instagram Story, showing Lucky embracing their three children in the morning.

The couple publicly shared the news of their third child’s arrival last week in a joint announcement, introducing their “little angel” Whimsy Lou Smith to the world.