Bachelor Star Sarah Herron Welcomes Twins with Unique Names

Sarah Herron, known for her appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, has officially joined the list of celebrity parents with twins! Herron and her husband, Dylan Brown, recently welcomed fraternal twin girls who arrived more than seven weeks early.

Despite the early arrival, the couple was prepared with beautiful names for their daughters.

The proud parents announced the birth of Everette Rae and Colette Rose, affectionately nicknamed Evy and Coco, on Instagram. Herron shared, “World, meet Everette Rae & Colette Rose (Evy & Coco).”

The names chosen by Herron and Brown follow a modern coquette aesthetic that is both charming and empowering. The twins’ names share a lovely symmetry, with both ending in “ette,” starting with middle names that begin with “R,” and having sweet, two-syllable nicknames. These unique yet connected names perfectly suit the twins.

Sarah Herron also provided an update on the twins’ health. “…We’re all adjusting to life in the NICU as we have a long road ahead of us — undeniably filled with twists and turns — but the girls are fighters and getting stronger every day — we all are,” she said. The heartfelt message expressed gratitude for their care team and asked for continued prayers for their “tiny warriors.”

Herron shared a touching video showing both parents spending skin-to-skin time with their newborns, who are in the NICU. The twins, one with light hair and the other with a darker shade, are seen hooked up to tubes and monitors as they grow stronger each day.

The arrival of Evy and Coco is particularly poignant for Herron and Brown, as they are rainbow babies. In January 2023, the couple experienced the heartbreaking loss of their son, Oliver, who passed away just hours after his birth. Herron reflected on her grief and the bittersweet joy of welcoming her twin daughters.

“My grief for Oliver is heavy right now as his heavenly birthday is 12 days away,” Herron shared when announcing her pregnancy earlier this year. “It hurts so bad, and simultaneously I know he’s sending me these little girls to comfort me right now.”

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