98 Unique Baby Names Loved by Influencers but Left Unused

Influencers are sharing unique baby names they adore but haven’t chosen, providing a wealth of fresh ideas for expectant parents.

Celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Nara Smith, Francesca Farago, Jesse Sullivan, and Hannah Ann Sluss offer a creative mix of name suggestions.

The names span from timeless classics to whimsical innovations, catering to diverse tastes.

Choosing a baby name has become a monumental task for many parents. In the quest for a name that is both meaningful and memorable, expectant parents are using everything from Google searches to professional baby name consultants. Interestingly, many are now turning to social media for novel ideas.

Joining in on this trend, influencers are sharing baby names they love but haven’t used (or haven’t had the chance to use yet). These suggestions are as unique and varied as the influencers themselves. For example, Nara Smith, a TikTok influencer, has named her children Rumble Honey, Slim Easy, and Whimsy Lou, and she has plenty more ideas to share.

Here, we explore a collection of distinctive baby names recommended by some of our favorite influencers. These names are endorsed but not personally chosen by them, offering a fresh perspective for new parents.

Baby Name Ideas from Celebrities and Influencers

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale, who announced her second pregnancy in March, has enthusiastically joined the baby-name conversation. The High School Musical star revealed a list of her favorite names that she loves but won’t be using.

Ashley Tisdale’s Favorite Girl and Boy Names

  • Bodie: A name with Scandinavian roots, meaning “shelter” or “one who brings news.”
  • Meadow: Conjuring images of serene natural beauty.
  • Leaf: Symbolizing growth and nature.
  • James: A timeless name of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter.”
  • Clementine: Derived from Latin, meaning “merciful.”
  • Indy: Often short for Indiana, it suggests “independence” or “Indian.”
  • Levi: A Hebrew name meaning “joined” or “attached.”
  • Rayna: Spanish for “queen.”
  • Zinc: Inspired by the essential mineral, giving it a unique twist.

Nara Smith

Known for her homemade cereal recipes, TikTok influencer Nara Smith frequently shares her unique baby name ideas on social media. Here are her favorite names for girls and boys.

Nara Smith’s Top Girl Names

  • Bow: A playful name representing something tied or bent.
  • Clementine: Meaning “merciful.”
  • Dawn: Signifying new beginnings.
  • Dottie (or Dot): A diminutive of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.”
  • Eden: A biblical name meaning “delight.”
  • Evie: Short for Eve, meaning “life.”
  • Frosty: Inspired by crisp, cold mornings.
  • Gaia: Greek for “earth.”
  • Ivy: A plant name symbolizing fidelity.
  • Lemon: Refreshing and zesty.
  • Odie: Playful, short for Odette or Odile.
  • Pear: A sweet fruit name.
  • Pepper: Lively and spicy.
  • Pippin (or Pip): Meaning “traveler” or “adventurous.”
  • Plum: A sweet fruit name.
  • Tank: Strong and sturdy.

Nara Smith’s Top Boy Names

  • Chrome: Inspired by the shiny metal.
  • Dew: Symbolizing freshness and early mornings.
  • Dusk: Represents twilight.
  • Flick: Quirky and playful.
  • Frosty: Again, inspired by crisp mornings.
  • Halo: A celestial name.
  • Mercer: French for “merchant.”
  • Silver: A precious metal name.
  • Sunny: Bright and cheerful.
  • Zen: Meaning “meditative” and “peaceful.”

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago, along with her partner Jesse Sullivan, has been candid about their IVF journey on TikTok. Expecting twins, Farago has embraced the trend and shared some gender-neutral baby names she loves.

Francesca Farago’s Gender-Neutral Names

  • Afternoon (or After): The tranquil part of the day.
  • Alchemy (or Emmy or Al): Inspired by the mystical process of transformation.
  • Aries: The bold astrological sign.
  • Astoria (or Story): Name with a sense of history and grandeur.
  • Baby: Simple and endearing.
  • Callahan: Irish for “bright-headed.”
  • Calliope: Greek for “beautiful voice.”
  • Caspian: Inspired by the Caspian Sea.
  • Clementine: Meaning “merciful.”
  • Darling: A sweet term of endearment.
  • Eternity: Symbolizing timelessness.
  • Ethereal: Meaning “heavenly” or “exquisite.”
  • Euphoria: Signifying intense happiness.
  • Evergreen (or Ever): Representing everlasting life.
  • Golden (or Goldie): Symbolizing wealth and prosperity.
  • Heart (or Hart): Representing love and courage.
  • Idyllwild: Peaceful and picturesque.
  • Indie (or Indy): Meaning “independent.”
  • Lazarus: A biblical name meaning “God is my helper.”
  • Lovely: Simply beautiful.
  • Lyrics: Inspired by the words of a song.
  • Malakai: Meaning “my messenger” in Hebrew.
  • Malakyte: A creative spin on the mineral Malachite.
  • Monday: Inspired by the first day of the week.
  • November (or Novi): Symbolizing new beginnings.
  • Ocean: Representing vastness and depth.
  • Octavia: Meaning “eighth” in Latin.
  • October: Inspired by the fall month.
  • Odyssey (or Odie): Symbolizing a long and adventurous journey.
  • Prosper: Means “to succeed.”
  • Rocket (or Rocky): Full of energy and adventure.
  • Romance: Name full of love and passion.
  • Stone: Representing strength and stability.
  • Sunday: The day of rest.
  • Sylvester (or Sly): Means “wooded” or “wild.”
  • Valentine: Meaning “strong and healthy.”
  • Valentino: Brave and strong.
  • Wilhelmina: Resolute protector.

Jesse Sullivan

Following Farago’s viral success, Jesse Sullivan shared his favorite gender-neutral baby names.

Jesse Sullivan’s Gender-Neutral Names

  • Adventure (or Addie): Excitement and exploration.
  • Aristotle: Inspired by the great philosopher.
  • Coven: Mystical and magical.
  • Elixir: A magical or medicinal potion.
  • Evening: Calm part of the day.
  • Labyrinth: Symbolizes complexity and mystery.
  • Leland: Means “meadow land.”
  • Novel: Inspired by literature.
  • Orca: Majestic sea creature.
  • Piano: Represents music and harmony.
  • Rhapsody: An enthusiastic expression of feeling.
  • Scholar: Knowledge and learning.
  • Shadow: Mysterious and cool.
  • Traveler: Love for adventure.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Although not expecting, Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann Sluss joined the trend by sharing her favorite baby names she loves but won’t be using.

Hannah Ann Sluss’s Favorite Boy Names

  • Forrest: Means “of the woods.”
  • Jace: Short for Jason, meaning “healer.”
  • Knox: Means “round hill.”
  • Roman: Means “from Rome.”
  • Woody: Inspired by the woods.

Hannah Ann Sluss’s Favorite Girl Names

  • Alice: Noble or kind.
  • Belle: Beautiful in French.
  • Lily Ann: Combines purity (Lily) and grace (Ann).
  • Mae: Bitter or pearl.
  • Romee: Unique twist on Rome.
  • Tuscany: Inspired by the picturesque region in Italy.

Wrap Up

Influencers sharing their favorite unused baby names has become a goldmine of inspiration for expectant parents. Whether you’re drawn to nature-inspired names like Meadow and Leaf or whimsical choices like Rocket and Odyssey, there’s something for every taste. Explore this collection and find the perfect name for your little one.

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