100 Evergreen and Timeless Names That Never Go Out of Style

Choosing the perfect baby name is both an exciting and significant decision for parents everywhere.

While trends come and go, some names hold an enduring appeal that crosses generations and cultures.

Below, we explore 100 timeless baby names, diving into their origins, famous namesakes, and the qualities that have kept them popular through the years.

Evergreen Appeal: Why Some Names Last

These names have stood the test of time for several reasons:

  • Historical Significance: Many of these names have roots deep in history, associated with influential figures and cultural icons.
  • Versatility: These names often adapt well across different cultures and languages, coming with a variety of nicknames and forms.
  • Cultural Impact: From literature to mythology, these names are often tied to stories and traditions that resonate universally.

Boy Names


  • Meaning: “Defender of the people.”
  • Historical Figures: Alexander the Great, a figure of conquest and education, widely known for his expansive empire and strategic acumen, influencing this name’s popularity.
  • Modern Namesake: Alexander Skarsgård, a Swedish actor renowned for his roles in film and television, bringing a modern charisma to this ancient name.


  • Meaning: “Son of the right hand.”
  • Cultural Insight: A name of Hebrew origin often associated with Benjamin Franklin, an American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers, known for his writings and scientific experiments.
  • Modern Namesake: Benjamin Bratt, an American actor known for his roles in law enforcement dramas and his advocacy in the Latin community.


  • Meaning: “Free man.”
  • Royal Lineage: Notable bearers include Charles the Great (Charlemagne), who united much of Western Europe during the early Middle Ages.
  • Nicknames: Charlie, Chuck.
  • Modern Namesake: Prince Charles, who has been in the public eye as a member of the British royal family and a prominent advocate for environmental causes.


  • Meaning: “Beloved.”
  • Biblical Roots: King David, celebrated as a warrior and poet in Biblical tradition.
  • Modern Namesake: David Beckham, a retired English footballer known globally for his sportsmanship and extensive charity work.


  • Meaning: “Wealthy guardian.”
  • Royal Bearers: Notable kings include Edward the Confessor and Edward VIII of England, each leaving distinct marks on English history.
  • Modern Namesake: Edward Norton, an American actor known for his roles in critically acclaimed films and activism in social and environmental causes.


  • Meaning: “Supplanter.”
  • Historical Context: Several kings of England and Scotland named James have borne this name, influencing its popularity across generations.
  • Modern Namesake: James Franco, an American actor, director, and teacher, known for his dynamic career in film and academia.


  • Meaning: “God is gracious.”
  • Biblical Roots: John the Baptist, a key figure in Christianity known for baptizing Jesus Christ.
  • Modern Namesake: John Legend, an American singer-songwriter and philanthropist, known for his soulful music and social activism.


  • Meaning: “He will add.”
  • Biblical Roots: Joseph, a prominent figure in the Genesis narrative, known for his interpretation of dreams and rise to power in Egypt.
  • Modern Namesake: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an American actor and filmmaker known for his diverse roles and entrepreneurial ventures in media.


  • Meaning: “Who is like God?”
  • Biblical Roots: Archangel Michael, known in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions as a protector and leader in spiritual battles.
  • Modern Namesake: Michael Jordan, an American former professional basketball player, widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.


  • Meaning: “Resolute protector.”
  • Historical Significance: William the Conqueror, who became the first Norman King of England after his victory at the Battle of Hastings.
  • Modern Namesake: William Gates (Bill Gates), co-founder of Microsoft and a leading philanthropist in global health and education initiatives.


  • Meaning: “Manly.”
  • Historical Context: Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, known for his missionary activities.
  • Modern Namesake: Andrew Garfield, an American-English actor recognized for his roles in film and on stage.


  • Meaning: “Bearer of Christ.”
  • Cultural Impact: Saint Christopher, revered in many traditions as the patron saint of travelers.
  • Modern Namesake: Christopher Nolan, a British-American filmmaker known for his intricate narratives and innovative filmmaking techniques.


  • Meaning: “God is my judge.”
  • Biblical Roots: Daniel, known for his steadfast faith and prophetic visions in the Book of Daniel.
  • Modern Namesake: Daniel Day-Lewis, a retired English actor known for his intense performances and meticulous dedication to his roles.


  • Meaning: “Ruler of the household.”
  • Royal Lineage: Henry VIII of England, known for his significant impact on English and European history.
  • Modern Namesake: Henry Cavill, a British actor known for his portrayal of iconic characters such as Superman in modern cinema.


  • Meaning: “Heard by God.”
  • Biblical Roots: Samuel, a prophet and judge in the Old Testament, known for anointing the first kings of Israel.
  • Modern Namesake: Samuel L. Jackson, an American actor and film producer known for his prolific and diverse film roles.


  • Meaning: “Twin.”
  • Historical Figures: Thomas Jefferson, an American Founding Father and the third president of the United States, known for his influence on American democracy.
  • Modern Namesake: Thomas Hardy, an English novelist and poet renowned for his contributions to English literature.


  • Meaning: “Gift of God.”
  • Biblical Roots: One of the twelve apostles and the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament.
  • Modern Namesake: Matthew McConaughey, an American actor known for his versatile roles in film and his philanthropic efforts in education.


  • Meaning: “God is salvation.”
  • Biblical Roots: The leader who succeeded Moses and led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
  • Modern Namesake: Joshua Jackson, a Canadian-American actor known for his roles in television and film.


  • Meaning: “Light-giver.”
  • Cultural Impact: The name has classical origins and is associated with luminous, intellectual qualities.
  • Modern Namesake: George Lucas, an American filmmaker and entrepreneur, best known for creating the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ franchises.


  • Meaning: “Victory of the people.”
  • Historical Figures: Saint Nicholas, a 4th-century saint and the historical figure behind the folklore of Santa Claus.
  • Modern Namesake: Nicholas Hoult, an English actor known for his roles in both independent films and blockbuster franchises.


  • Meaning: “Rock.”
  • Biblical Roots: Saint Peter, one of Jesus’s apostles and considered the first Pope by Roman Catholics.
  • Modern Namesake: Peter Jackson, a New Zealand film director, known for his work on the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies.


  • Meaning: “Bright fame.”
  • Historical Figures: Robert the Bruce, a famous Scottish king and warrior.
  • Modern Namesake: Robert Downey Jr., an American actor widely known for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Meaning: “Little king.”
  • Cultural Insight: The name has gained popularity in the modern era and is associated with charming and personable qualities.
  • Modern Namesake: Ryan Reynolds, a Canadian actor known for his witty and charismatic roles in film.


  • Meaning: “Small” or “humble.”
  • Biblical Roots: Saint Paul, one of the most influential figures in early Christian mission work and writings.
  • Modern Namesake: Paul McCartney, a legendary British musician and co-founder of The Beatles, known for his musical genius and cultural impact.


  • Meaning: “Crown” or “garland.”
  • Cultural Impact: The name has classical origins, often associated with leadership and achievement.
  • Modern Namesake: Steven Spielberg, one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema, known for his expansive filmography and pioneering contributions.


  • Meaning: “Farmer.”
  • Historical Figures: George Washington, the first President of the United States, known for his leadership in the founding of the nation.
  • Modern Namesake: George Clooney, an American actor, director, and activist known for his work on and off the screen in promoting humanitarian causes.


  • Meaning: “Priceless one.”
  • Cultural Insight: Saint Anthony, known for his preaching and saintly life in the early Christian community.
  • Modern Namesake: Anthony Hopkins, a Welsh actor celebrated for his profound dramatic performances and versatility in film and theater.


  • Meaning: “Brave ruler.”
  • Historical Figures: Richard the Lionheart, a King of England noted for his leadership during the Third Crusade.
  • Modern Namesake: Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur known for his adventurous spirit and founder of the Virgin Group.


  • Meaning: “Gift of God.”
  • Biblical Roots: Jonathan, known in the Bible for his deep friendship with King David and his principled stand against his father, King Saul.
  • Modern Namesake: Jonathan Ive, former Chief Design Officer of Apple, known for designing some of the most iconic consumer electronics.


  • Meaning: “Honoring God.”
  • Biblical Roots: Timothy, a young leader in the early Christian church, mentored by the Apostle Paul.
  • Modern Namesake: Timothy Shriver, an American educator and chairperson of the Special Olympics, known for his dedication to social and educational causes.


  • Meaning: “Warlike.”
  • Biblical Roots: Saint Mark, traditionally held to be the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament.
  • Modern Namesake: Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, a pivotal figure in the rise of social media.


  • Meaning: “Eternal ruler.”
  • Cultural Impact: The name has roots in Norse mythology, with several kings and historical figures named Eric noted for their leadership.
  • Modern Namesake: Eric Clapton, an English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter known for his profound influence on music.


  • Meaning: “Handsome.”
  • Cultural Insight: Saint Kevin, the founder and abbot of Glendalough, revered in Irish Christian tradition.
  • Modern Namesake: Kevin Hart, an American comedian and actor known for his energetic comedy and roles in popular films.


  • Meaning: “Just” or “fair.”
  • Historical Context: Justinian I, a Byzantine emperor known for his ambitious and comprehensive rewriting of Roman law.
  • Modern Namesake: Justin Timberlake, an American singer, songwriter, and actor known for his pop hits and crossover into acting.


  • Meaning: “Man” or “earth.”
  • Biblical Roots: Adam, the first man in Biblical creation stories, symbolizing the origin of humanity.
  • Modern Namesake: Adam Sandler, an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker known for his humorous roles and successful films.


  • Meaning: “From Scotland.”
  • Cultural Impact: The name reflects Scottish heritage and is associated with the image of the rugged, stoic Scotsman.
  • Modern Namesake: Scott Kelly, an American astronaut and engineer known for his record-setting continuous single spaceflight.


  • Meaning: “Nobleman.”
  • Historical Significance: Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, known for his missionary work and bringing Christianity to Ireland.
  • Modern Namesake: Patrick Stewart, an English actor known for his work in stage, television, and film, especially in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘X-Men’.


  • Meaning: “Healer.”
  • Mythological Roots: Jason, leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology, famous for his quest for the Golden Fleece.
  • Modern Namesake: Jason Momoa, an American actor known for his roles in ‘Game of Thrones’ and as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe.


  • Meaning: “High mountain” or “exalted.”
  • Biblical Roots: Aaron, the brother of Moses and the first High Priest of the Israelites.
  • Modern Namesake: Aaron Rodgers, an American professional football quarterback known for his leadership and skill on the field.


  • Meaning: “God is gracious.”
  • Cultural Insight: The name Sean is the Irish variant of John, reflecting a deep-rooted cultural heritage.
  • Modern Namesake: Sean Connery, a Scottish actor revered for his role as the original James Bond and his distinguished acting career.

Girl Names


  • Meaning: “God is my oath.”
  • Historical Figures: Queen Elizabeth I of England, known for her influential reign during the Elizabethan era.
  • Modern Namesake: Elizabeth Banks, an American actress and director known for her versatile roles in both comedy and drama.


  • Meaning: “Bitter” or “beloved.”
  • Cultural Impact: Mary, the mother of Jesus, a central figure in Christianity, influencing countless artistic and cultural expressions.
  • Modern Namesake: Mary J. Blige, an American singer, songwriter, and actress noted for her soulful musical career and influential role in the music industry.


  • Meaning: “Pearl.”
  • Historical Significance: Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, known for her political acumen and leadership.
  • Modern Namesake: Margaret Atwood, a Canadian author renowned for her works of fiction and feminist themes, notably in “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


  • Meaning: “Pure.”
  • Historical Figures: Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, known for her expansive foreign policy and cultural influence.
  • Modern Namesake: Catherine Zeta-Jones, a Welsh actress known for her work in film and television, embodying grace and versatility in her roles.


  • Meaning: “Princess.”
  • Biblical Roots: Sarah, the matriarch in the Hebrew Bible, known for her beauty and strength.
  • Modern Namesake: Sarah Jessica Parker, an American actress and producer best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the television series “Sex and the City.”


  • Meaning: “Grace.”
  • Historical Context: Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina known for her beauty and poise, immortalized in the dessert named Pavlova.
  • Modern Namesake: Anna Kendrick, an American actress and singer known for her roles in musicals and comedies, bringing a unique charm and wit.


  • Meaning: “Rival” or “industrious.”
  • Literary Influence: Emily Dickinson, an American poet whose innovative and introspective poetry has left a significant legacy in American literature.
  • Modern Namesake: Emily Blunt, a British-American actress known for her versatility and roles in critically acclaimed films.


  • Meaning: “Laurel.”
  • Historical Insight: Laura Secord, a Canadian heroine during the War of 1812, known for her brave journey to warn British forces of an impending American attack.
  • Modern Namesake: Laura Dern, an American actress and producer known for her powerful performances in film and television.


  • Meaning: “To tie” or “bind.”
  • Literary Connection: The title character in Daphne du Maurier’s novel “Rebecca,” which has inspired numerous adaptations and remains a symbol of enduring mystery.
  • Modern Namesake: Rebecca Hall, an English actress known for her compelling roles in stage and screen productions.


  • Meaning: “Youthful” or “downy.”
  • Historical Figures: Julia Child, an American cooking teacher, author, and television personality who brought French cuisine to the American public.
  • Modern Namesake: Julia Roberts, an American actress known for her iconic roles and enduring charm in the film industry.


  • Meaning: “Bright” or “shining one.”
  • Historical Impact: Helen of Troy, whose legendary beauty sparked the Trojan War, symbolizing the power of allure and its consequences.
  • Modern Namesake: Helen Mirren, an English actor known for her powerful presence and dynamic roles across stage and screen.


  • Meaning: “Ewe.”
  • Biblical Roots: Rachel, a beloved figure in the Bible, known for her enduring love and tragic life story.
  • Modern Namesake: Rachel McAdams, a Canadian actress known for her roles that often combine depth with a relatable charm.


  • Meaning: “Grace.”
  • Historical Figures: Grace Kelly, an American actress who became Princess of Monaco, known for her elegance and humanitarian efforts.
  • Modern Namesake: Grace Gealey, an American actress known for her role in the television series “Empire” and her advocacy for the deaf community.


  • Meaning: “Victory.”
  • Royal Influence: Queen Victoria, whose reign marked an era of industrial expansion, cultural development, and empire building known as the Victorian era.
  • Modern Namesake: Victoria Beckham, an English businesswoman, fashion designer, and former singer in the pop group Spice Girls, known for her style and business acumen.


  • Meaning: “Foresight” or “wealth.”
  • Cultural Insight: Jessica, a character from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice,” known for her complexity and strength.
  • Modern Namesake: Jessica Chastain, an American actress known for her powerful roles in film and her advocacy for gender equality in Hollywood.


  • Meaning: “Noble.”
  • Literary Influence: Alice in Wonderland, a character created by Lewis Carroll known for her curious adventures and enduring appeal in children’s literature.
  • Modern Namesake: Alice Walker, an American author and social activist best known for her novel “The Color Purple,” which has had a significant impact on American literature and culture.


  • Meaning: “Listener.”
  • Cultural Insight: Samantha Stephens, the beloved character from the television series “Bewitched,” known for her wit and magical abilities.
  • Modern Namesake: Samantha Bee, a Canadian-American comedian and television host known for her sharp political commentary and unique comedic style.


  • Meaning: “Fair” or “white wave.”
  • Cultural Impact: Jennifer, a name that surged in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, becoming emblematic of a generation.
  • Modern Namesake: Jennifer Lawrence, an American actress known for her roles in blockbuster films and her outspoken personality, making her a prominent figure in modern cinema.


  • Meaning: “Father’s joy.”
  • Historical Figures: Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, known for her role in American history through her extensive correspondence and influence as a First Lady.
  • Modern Namesake: Abigail Spencer, an American actress known for her roles in television and film, bringing depth and charm to her performances.


  • Meaning: “Clear” or “bright.”
  • Cultural Insight: Claire Underwood, a character from the television series “House of Cards,” known for her ambition and complex personality.
  • Modern Namesake: Claire Foy, an English actress known for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown,” earning acclaim for her depth and precision in acting.


  • Meaning: “Noble strength.”
  • Historical Significance: Audrey Hepburn, an iconic actress and humanitarian, known for her timeless style and dedication to children’s causes through UNICEF.
  • Modern Namesake: Audrey Tautou, a French actress known for her role in “Amélie,” which showcased her unique charm and ability to captivate audiences globally.


  • Meaning: “Free man.”
  • Historical Context: Caroline of Ansbach, Queen consort of Great Britain as the wife of King George II, known for her intelligence and political influence.
  • Modern Namesake: Caroline Kennedy, an American author, attorney, and diplomat, known for her diplomatic service and contributions to education and the arts.


  • Meaning: “Born on Christmas Day.”
  • Cultural Impact: Natalie Wood, an American actress known for her roles in classic Hollywood cinema and her tragic and mysterious death.
  • Modern Namesake: Natalie Portman, an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship, known for her powerful performances and advocacy for education and research in various fields.


  • Meaning: “Desired.”
  • Historical Insight: Evelyn Waugh, a British author known for his satirical novels and sharp wit, contributing significantly to 20th-century literature.
  • Modern Namesake: Evelyn Sharma, a German-Indian actress and model, known for her roles in Indian cinema and her philanthropic efforts.


  • Meaning: “Weary” or “delicate.”
  • Biblical Roots: Leah, a significant figure in the Hebrew Bible, known for her enduring story of perseverance and motherhood.
  • Modern Namesake: Leah Remini, an American actress and activist, known for her role in the sitcom “King of Queens” and her outspoken activism against Scientology.


  • Meaning: “Light.”
  • Literary Influence: Nora Helmer, the protagonist in Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House,” known for her critical role in discussions of 19th-century marriage norms and women’s rights.
  • Modern Namesake: Nora Roberts, an American author of more than 200 romance novels, widely respected for her prolific writing and storytelling prowess.


  • Meaning: “Grace.”
  • Biblical Roots: Hannah, known in the Hebrew Bible for her devoutness and as the mother of Samuel, one of the great prophets.
  • Modern Namesake: Hannah Simone, a British-Canadian actress known for her role in “New Girl,” bringing her distinctive style and humor to the small screen.


  • Meaning: “From Lydia.”
  • Historical Insight: Lydia of Thyatira, a merchant of purple cloth in the New Testament, recognized as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe.
  • Modern Namesake: Lydia Ko, a professional golfer from New Zealand known for her achievements in women’s golf at a young age, setting records and inspiring athletes globally.


  • Meaning: “Beauty” and “love.”
  • Cultural Significance: Rose DeWitt Bukater, the fictional protagonist from the film “Titanic,” known for her memorable story of love and survival.
  • Modern Namesake: Rose Byrne, an Australian actress known for her versatile roles in comedy and drama, making significant contributions to film and television.


  • Meaning: “From Magdala.”
  • Historical Figures: Madeleine Albright, the first female U.S. Secretary of State, known for her diplomatic efforts and leadership on the global stage.
  • Modern Namesake: Madeleine Stowe, an American actress known for her roles in films and television series that highlight her strong and complex characters.

Choosing a name that stands the test of time ensures that it will remain fashionable and relevant regardless of trends. These names have been cherished across generations, embodying a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. By selecting one of these timeless names, parents can give their children a name that defies the decades and carries a legacy of enduring appeal.


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